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Nebraska Distributism In Action: Cops Chase Shirtless Man Riding Tractor And Screaming For Sandwich In WALMART Lot...

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - A man in Omaha, Nebraska was arrested Wednesday after attempting to escape police in a tractor. Adrian Latham, 41, was booked at for operating during suspension, willful reckless driving, felony flight to avoid arrest and felony criminal mischief after he crashed a tractor into a private residence early Wednesday morning. Police say they received several 911 calls regarding Latham, who was shirtless driving a red tractor erratically and asking others for a sandwich. Police attempted to conduct a traffic stop in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but Latham fled and drove recklessly, weaving through traffic lanes before swerving off the road and ramming into a metal gate. According to police, Latham was very confused and unable to provide his name following the crash. He was taken to Lakeside Hospital for a possible drug overdose and complaint of foot pain and was medically cleared. Latham's drivers license has been suspended for more than a year for habitual driving offenses. The tractor was impounded at the Omaha Police Department for safekeeping because it is unknown who the owner is. Source


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