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Stuart Florida Cops Tase & Slam A Petite White Woman Aranda Wendell To The Ground! & Let Undocumented Immigrants Go Free!

Stuart Police Department was sued for excessive use of force. Now they will now pay a local woman who says she was slammed to the ground, and then tased by cops. Corporal Brian Bossio with Stuart Police says the city settled the lawsuit for $20,000 as a move to save taxpayers money and the expense of legal fees. The police department says they did nothing wrong and followed policy. "I had nothing to do with it. I was just driving to work," Aranda Wendell said to police on a recorded body camera, telling them she was rear-ended by a car on her way to work. She said it wasn’t bad. Police say she drove off, and when questioned, she admitted to leaving the scene of an accident, and was then shocked she was arrested. Source


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Dallas Police Office Amber Guyger Shot Dead Botham Shem Jean In His Own Apartment - She Thought It Was Her Apartment......

“Preliminary information suggests that the officer arrived home in full uniform after working a full shift. The officer reported to the responding officers that she entered the victim’s apartment believing that it was her own. At some point, the officer fired her weapon striking the victim. Responding officers administered aid to the victim, a 26-year-old male, at the scene. The victim was then transported to the hospital and pronounced deceased.” Dallas Police told Fox 4 News’ Steve Eagar that the officer was on the wrong floor of the apartment building, the South Side Flats, when the shooting occurred. Her apartment was on another floor, Eagar reports. “Her key didn’t work in the door. Shooting happened shortly after resident opened his own door,” he wrote on Twitter. He said she was continuing to try to open the door with her key when the door was opened. Source

Sicily: MUSLIM Refugees Break Into Home Of Police Commissioner Nuccio Garozzo And Attack Him

'We're insane!' Matteo Salvini blasts EU migrant crisis after police commissioner is attacked with a razor blade in his home by two thieves one of whom is in Italy for ‘humanitarian reasons’ Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has blamed an attempted robbery of a Sicilian police commissioner on the EU migrant crisis, claiming his country 'is insane'. Nuccio Garozzo woke to find two men having broken into his home in Catania, Sicily, and was reportedly attacked with a razor blade when he took on the would-be burglars. Local media reports that the two fled the scene, but that Mr Garozzo was able to apprehend one of them, who was later identified as an 18-year-old Gambian migrant. Source

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