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Pickup Truck + Tattoos + Fishing = Death

Man dies after jumping out of a moving truck because he was arguing with friends about getting a tattoo on fishing trip

A man has died after he jumped from a moving pickup truck - after his friends apparently grew frustrated at having to wait for his tattoo to be completed. The incident happened along West State Road 40 in Pierson, Florida, on Saturday night. Investigators said the 34-year-old man, identified as Bryan Robinson, was with two co-workers from Marion County on a fishing trip getting tattoos. The men had apparently got impatient at having to wait for their friend's tattoos - which took longer than expected - to be finished and so they told him they were leaving.He became upset but left with them anyway, Fox 8 News reported. On the drive back he grew increasingly frustrated and so opened the door and jumped out. The truck was travelling at 40mph when he flung himself out the vehicle. The driver of the truck pulled over and he and the other co-worker searched for the man but with no luck. After searching for about half an hour, they called the sheriff’s office, authorities said. They searched for Robinson but were only able to find him on Sunday morning when a helicopter crew spotted his body on the shoulder of the road. An investigation into his death is ongoing. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>


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